Enrollment Management

EM Style Guide

Welcome to the Enrollment Management Style Guide. Here you will find guidelines for creating professional communications, documents and other media. Consistent use of logos, fonts and colors will help our department present a unified, polished look to our audiences. These guidelines are intended to complement UW branding guidelines (found here) and provide additional assistance for adapting UW branding to Enrollment Management. Stay tuned as we add to this resource in the coming months.

Naming Conventions for EM & Units

Enrollment Management is a division of the university and should be referred to as the Division of Enrollment Management. In some cases, the division title can be shortened to Enrollment Management.

Logo (Wordmark) Art Packs

Word Template

PowerPoint Template

Business Cards

Business cards can be ordered from Creative Communications here.

Email Signatures

Email Headers

If you are creating an email newsletter to send internally or externally, please use a branded header if possible. Templates and instructions are available on the UW Brand website here.


Fonts (Typography)

The University branding campaign includes several font packages. These are free, but you will need to download and install the fonts. They are available on the UW Branding website here: Fonts.

Note that templates that use university fonts will not display correctly when you open them if you have not first installed the fonts.

Use the University fonts for all signage, brochures, handouts and other printed communications wherever possible. However, we recommend you use one of the University’s secondary fonts, Arial, Verdana or Calibri for email and presentations such as those done in PowerPoint. This is because email and PowerPoint presentations may be viewed on different computers, some of which may not have the university fonts installed. This may cause unintended consequences on fonts and layout. Arial, Verdana or Calibri, which are already on staff computers, are also good options if installing fonts is not possible.


To Come: Fact Sheets/One Pager Template, Event Flyer Template, PowerPoint Template